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Student Clubs


Classes and studying are very important to students but students need to strike a balance between their academic and social involvement. A great way to do this is through student clubs and societies.



AC Volunteer Club

AC Volunteer Club was founded in 1999. The main objective of this club is to encourage volunteerism with the involvement of the whole college and through this offer community service.


Club Activities

Blood Donation

Radio Marathon Campaign

PASYKAF Campaign



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AC International Student Club

American College has students from many parts of the world. Students of any background are encouraged to join this club , thus fostering understanding of cross-cultural similarities and differences and cooperation between students of different ethnic groups. Getting involved is an ideal way for students to meet new friends and enhance the quality of College life by participating in many social and cultural activities.


Club Activities

Cultural Events

Field Trips

Sports Events


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Participation in clubs and societies exposes them to new life experiences; helps develop valuable leadership skills and abilities, fosters respect for personal and cultural diversity and provides opportunities to express creativity and talent.






Student Welfare

Student Card




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Erasmus+ Program


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