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Customer Service


14 hours




Wednesday 25/11/2020 (12:00 – 19:45) and Wednesday 2/12/2020 (12:00 – 19:45)



Instruction Language





At the end of the program the participants will be able to:


✓   Understand the importance of customer service for better operation and continued success of the company.

✓  Develop a positive approach and behavior towards customers and partners.

✓  To contribute to the creation of a customer-centric organization with the maximum possible service.

✓  Understand why some customers are difficult, and be prepared for an immediate and satisfactory answer to any customer questions.

✓  Be able to understand what service is and why it is offered.

✓  Understand that quality of service should be the main concern of every employee.

✓  Understand exactly what customers want, what the benefits of quality service are and how customers see and judge us.

✓  To know the stages of service, the art and communication of the negotiations as well as the basic rules.



Participants Profiles

The program is aimed at employees who have the duty to serve customers (sales).


• Managers

• Sales department officers

• Customer service department officers

• Public relations department officers





The lecturer is one of the most successful professionals in the field of Public Relations. 

Modern classroom and cafeteria

 Many years of experience in the field of education and professional seminars

High score from Participants (4.65 / 5)

Granted by the Human Resources Authority

Provision of a corresponding certificate

Meeting with relevant professionals in the field

Free Benefits (Lunch, Wi-fi)







Constantinos Christou 

(BSc in Business Administration, MBA in Marketing Management)

Mr. Christou is the General Manager of the Adboard Media Group. A leading media company with a presence in strategic public spaces such as airports, Mall of Cyprus, Mall of Paphos, Nicosia Mall and GSP Stadium and in Pancyprian outdoor network with billboard Displays of all types in all cities and on the highway.




Right to Participate                          €210

AnAD grant                                     €168

Amount Payable                                €42 




  Please complete and send the following forms to the email or fax to 22368001

• Application of a Candidate for Participation in a Seminar

• Form 6 (PE)

• K.E. 2 Form of the AnAD (Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority)

 American College will award a Certificate of Training to participants who successfully complete the program.




Friday 20/11/2020








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