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Greek Gyros Workshop

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On November 20th, the owner of infamous"Gyrevontas Ellada" with over thirty years of experience, Sotiris Zervopoulos revealed his secrets exclusively to the culinary students of American College. The students watched the marination process, placed the meat on the special equipment and had the opportunity to cut their own gyros and serve it on Greek and Cypriot pita.


Gyros is named after the Greek word "round" that makes the meat on the vertical metal spit where it is passed to roast around its axis, with the fire on one side. The small warehouses opened in 1922-1923 by refugees from Smyrna and Constantinople after the war spread to every corner of Greece. The recipes of the round spread through immigration to the United States and Australia.

In Germany and France, doner kebabs have been a favorite food for years, and the Greek pork gyros is a popular food. New flavors have been added, and there are now the "green or eco gyros" and the "children's gyros". Arabic sauerkraut and Mexican tacos al pastor are all similar to gyros, and all come from the Turkish doner kebab that was created in Bursa in the 19th century.

This seminar was held in the course of the Butcher class, where students learn the anatomy and handling of various meats. The ongoing training by professionals helps students to understand the market needs and trends.



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