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Angelos Agathaggelou - Travel & Tourism Management


Dear Mr. Agathangelou, tell us a few words about yourself. What have you worked with in the past and what are you doing now?

I worked for 34 years at Cyprus Airways. I was the Head of the Call Center at the Nicosia Ticket Office, Limassol Larnaca Airport and at the Reservation Support and Development Unit. I have also been the Official Trainer of CA for 30 years. Following the closure of Cyprus Airlines, I have created a Company and providing Commercial Services to Airlines and Travel Agencies.

At American College you  teach Computerized Reservation Systems courses for the Travel and Tourism Management program. What exactly do students learn?

At American College, I teach TOU101 and TOU102. With these two courses students learn to operate an electronic booking system. They learn to make Airlines reservations, booking modifications, request specific Airlines services, view fares and regulations, pricing routes, and issue online tickets.

Why SABRE is useful?

The lessons I teach are about learning a leading tourism software. This cutting-edge software is trusted by high-end companies and is a must for finding a job in the tourism industry. Also the certification given to the students by the online booking system is valuable in the market.

What is your opinion about the Tourism Industry in Cyprus. How do travel agencies respond to online competition?

The tourism industry faces serious challenges, but despite the adversity it remains an active sector, which has to adapt to the needs of the new era. Travel agencies are staffed by experienced human resources who employ innovative strategies to help build a competitive advantage, delivering the best services through the latest technological changes

What is your advice to Tourism Management students?

Success requires practice and perseverance, so keep going and don't give up.




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