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Master in Business Administration (ΜΒΑ)

μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων


Master Degree | 90 ECTS


Students enrolled in this program earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA). The MBA program at the American College aims at providing a highly-competitive education in management issues that will ultimately equip future managers to solve complicated problems and implement creative concepts in their work environment, which will benefit their organization.


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μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεωνμβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων


The MBA program aims at:


  1. Preparing managers of high quality who will meet today’s complex and multidimensional work environment.
  2. Developing the necessary skills for operating efficiently an organization.
  3. Developing managers who will be able to integrate the concept and tools of management with the realities of their own business environment.
  4. Fostering innovative entrepreneurs and creative business leaders with the vision and the skills to turn vision into reality.


Upon successful completion of this program of study, its graduates will:


  1. Demonstrate competency across business disciplines, specifically apply the essential elements of core business principles to analyze and evaluate problems and to construct and implement solutions in the business environment.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking, specifically employ appropriate analytical models and apply critical reasoning processes to evaluate evidence, select among alternatives, and generate creative options in furtherance of effective decision making.
  3. Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills, specifically function in a variety of work groups using appropriate leadership skills and styles and collaborate with a variety of other people using elements of effective team dynamics to effectively and appropriately structure team work.
  4. Possess effective communication skills, specifically write business documents clearly, concisely, and analytically and speak in groups and in public clearly, concisely, and analytically, with appropriate use of visual aids.




μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεωνμβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων


Credit Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 90 ECTS credits as follows:


MBA Core courses | 60 ECTS credits

MBA Elective courses | 12 ECTS credits

Thesis | 18 ECTS credits



MBA Foundation Courses

ACC501 Accounting

CSC501 Business Computing

MTH501 Business Mathematics and Statistics


Students without a business degree or students who completed their business degree over seven years ago and do not have managerial experience are recommended to take the MBA Foundation Courses. MBA Foundation Courses are offered during the two weeks prior to the beginning of every semester/session.


MBA Core Courses

ACC601 Financial and Managerial Accounting (6)

ECO601 Managerial Economics (6)

FIN601 Financial Management (6)

MAR601 Marketing Management (6)

MGT601 Operations Management (6)

MGT602 Human Resource Management (6)

MGT603 Organizational Behavior (6)

MGT606 Quantitative Methods for Business (6)

MGT607 Strategic Management (6)

MGT613 Business Research (6)



MBA Electives Courses

FIN602 Multinational Business Finance (6)

FIN603 Investments (6)

MAR602 Consumer Behavior (6)

MAR608 Strategic Marketing (6)

MGT604 Business Ethics (6)

MGT605 Managing Corporate Change (6)

MGT610 Labor Relations (6)

MGT611 Leadership and Innovation (6)



MGT614 Thesis (18)


The number of credits each course is carrying is indicated in the parenthesis following the course title.


                      μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων


μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων


μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων


μβα, mba, λευκωσία, διοικηση επιχειρησεων
Business Administration
(Diploma - Bachelor)
Distance Learning
Master in Business Administration (MBA)





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