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Aims and Objectives

The activities at the Research Department are centered at enhancing theoretical and empirical research, at developing solutions and guiding thinking to current and future problems, and at creating new knowledge. 

As a research department, however, we aim for higher achievements both internally as an academic institution, and externally in the public and private sectors. Our vision is through research to contribute to the Cyprus society, to the academic community and to societies beyond the boarders of the Republic of Cyprus. Thus, our current and future research projects cover areas that sustain quality of life and performance, and contribute to a better implementation and monitoring of improvements and changes.

The Research Department, being sensitive to the societal needs as well as to the needs of the business world both public and private, has set the following as its main objectives:


  • To initiate, undertake and promote high quality research adhering to strict ethical codes;
  • To carry out pure research in collaboration with domestic and international institutions, in order to enhance the expertise of the researchers at the Research Department;
  • To undertake research projects covering issues, that have an impact on the Social, Economical and Technical developments of the Public and Private sectors in Cyprus and abroad;
  • To disseminate knowledge and experience to academics, researchers, students and the community as a whole; and
  • To assist organizations through customized research services, counseling and consulting.



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Physical Address: 3 Omirou Avenue, 1097 Nicosia, Cyprus | Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22425, 1521 Nicosia, Cyprus  
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