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Corona Virus Annnouncement

Corona virus update: 12nd June 2020

Due to the unfortunate situation with regards Coronavirus (Covid-19), the College has made the difficult decision to cancel the graduation ceremony in 2020. We came to this conclusion, to prioritize the health and safety of students and their families attending the ceremony and to fulfil our social duty to minimize the risk of the spread of Corona-virus (COVID-19).

Recognizing that graduation is a very important milestone for graduates, as it is a period of self-reflection and an opportunity to renew their determination for new principles, we decided to organize a photo shoot for our eligible graduates.


The following categories of students are eligible for the graduate photo shoot:


  • Students who expect to complete the graduation requirements of their program of study by the end of Spring 2020, Summer 2020 or Fall 2020.


  • Students who completed the graduation requirements of their program of study following the end of Fall 2019.


Graduates should follow the next steps:


  • Purchase a coupon at the Reception Office
  • Book an appointment with the photographer
  • Upload your photo on our Social Media


Thank you for your understanding and support.


Corona virus update: 22nd May 2020

Final Exams

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before the examination.


Professors will arrange where each participant should take a seat according to Ministry of Education instructions


Each participant will be assigned to a specific classroom.


If you feel sick, you need to communicate with your invigilator.


Our cleaning staff will be sanitizing the toilets, the exam rooms and the corridors for your own safety


It is forbidden to shut any windows during the exams


Corona virus update: 8th May 2020


First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued efforts to adapt into the online teaching courses. We recognize that this academic environment is challenging, requiring flexibility and patience from all of us.


We are pleased to inform you that as from Monday 11/5/2020 all the following courses will be offered in the class/lab with your physical presence during the normal days and times:


ACC205 Book-Keeping Applications

CSC102 (A-J) Computer Applications

CSC103 Computer Programming

CSC112 Computer Programming II

CSC118 Data Structures and Algorithms

CSC124 Computer Applications

CSC126 Presentations Application

CSC127 Computer Networks II

CSC209 Visual Programming

CSC210 Web Designing

CSC217 Operating Systems II

CSC219 Network Administration II

CSC220 Network Installations (Structured Cabling)

CSC225 Network Security II

CSC302 Databases

CUL133 Pastry Arts & Baking

CUL134 Hot Food Preparations

CUL303 Cyprus Cuisine

HOT104 (A-E) Food and Beverage Service

HOT 105 (A-E) Food Production

TOU102 Computerized Reservation System II


The rest of the courses (courses other than the above) will continue online for another week i.e. between Monday 11/5/2020 and Saturday 16/5/2020 during the normal days and times.


As from Monday 18/5/2020 ALL courses will be offered in the class/lab with your physical presence during the normal days and times.


The teaching period of Spring 2020 semester will end on Saturday 6 June 2020 and the final examination period will be from Tuesday 9 June 2020 until Friday 19 June 2020.


The College is taking all necessary health and safety measures determined by the Ministry of Health.


We will generally keep you informed and provide you with instructions and guidelines regarding academic issues and issues related to your safety.




Corona virus update: 14th April 2020


We would like to inform you, that the government has announced on Wednesday 08/04/2020, that the strict measures regarding the movement of the citizens will last until the 30th of April.



All Students


Learning platform

In addition to our platform, you will have to use our learning platform “Moodle”. You can access your personal Moodle account from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.



Email communication

Instructors may communicate with you via email to provide you with directions and/or request feedback. Generally, it is important to keep in touch with your instructors.


Semester extension and graduation ceremony

The classes missed from Tuesday 10/3/2020 at 18:00 until Tuesday 24/3/2020 at 18:00 (2 weeks) will take place by extending the semester by 2 weeks. So the last day of classes will be Saturday 6 June 2020 and the final examination period will be Tuesday 9 June 2020 until Friday 19 June 2020.


We estimate that the graduation ceremony will take place on Friday 3 July 2020.


Courses taught by independent study

In case you are enrolled in a course taught by independent study please note that your instructor will use Moodle to upload learning material for this course and communicate with you via email. You may also communicate with your instructor via email. Your instructor may conduct a few online classes for your independent study course but he/she will have to prearrange with you the date, starting time and duration of the online classes.


Upcoming holidays

Monday 13/4/2020 to Sunday 26/4/2020 is Easter holidays and Friday 1/5/2020 is a holiday. No classes will take place during holidays unless an online make up class is conducted in which case you will be informed accordingly. The examination period starts Tuesday 9 June since Monday 8 June is holiday.


Payments to College

Since the suspension of the in-classroom classes the College is operating and paying for all its expenses (salaries and other operating expenses). It is important that students pay their tuition fees.


For making payments to the College you can either pay in cash at the College reception or make a money transfer to the bank account shown below. The money transfer must mention your name and student number.


Bank of Cyprus Ltd

Account name: American College (AC) Limited

Account number: 357028543889

IBAN: CY35 0020 0195 0000 3570 2854 3889



Once a payment is made you are required to send to a proof that the transfer was made and give the relevant reference number.


We will generally keep you informed and provide you with instructions and guidelines regarding academic issues and issues related to your safety.

If you do not have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer (with speakers) and internet access let us know by email at

For any questions and/or technical support you may contact the College at or 22368000.


Cypriot Students

The deadline of Student Grants application has been postponed until April 30. You can place your application in the lockers of Citizen Service Centers (ΚΕΠ, ΚΕΠΟ).


International Students

As you are aware, you can only leave your house for emergencies now. In order to do that, you must have clearance from the government first. Citizens using this system for movements by way of exception, will be receiving a relevant reply through text message (SMS) on their mobile phones. Please be reminded that, as per the relevant decrees, only one movement by way of exception is allowed per day, regardless of the method used to attain the relevant approval. If get caught outside without permit, then you will be fined 300 euros.


You need to send a message from your Cypriot phone number to 8998 as follows: number of movement  SPACE  Alien Registration Certificate(ARC)  SPACE  postal code of your residence address. For example you can send: 2 1010101 1234 (the numbering 1-8 of reasons of movement can be found on this link.


Those who face any kind of problems in the efforts to attain approval through the SMS service, are advised to call 80012012 from 06:00 – 21:00 to get instructions. Citizens will then receive (if approved) a relevant reply through text message (SMS) on their mobile phones.



Corona virus update: 17th March 2020


  • Upon order of the Ministry of Education, all courses are suspended until 26th of April.


  • As of Tuesday 24 March, all courses will move to online teaching as soon as possible. This remote teaching and assessment will be applied until 26th of April. There will be no more face-to-face teaching during this period. More information on how and when the online teaching and assessment will be sent via your emails due to security reasons.
  • In classroom-teaching is scheduled to begin on April 27.




  • The administration staff continues to operate smoothly to serve the students. However, there is a limit on how many students are allowed in at the same time.

  • Red Building and the AC Sports Center are closed to students.

  • All the student forms are uploaded on our website.

  • COVID-19 advice posters are pinned on every floor of the buildings



  • Study Grant documents can be delivered in person or via mail. Please contanct Mr Lakis Agathocleous for further information.


  • Students who were already abroad or  in contact with infected persons are strongly advised not to visit the College by all circumstances and contact their physicιans as soon as possible.
  • In case you have been infected, please contact Mr Lakis Agathocleous or Mr Yannis Ioannou.


  • We strongly recommend you to stay calm and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health.


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