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International Recognition



American College’s reputation as a college offering high quality education is recognized both nationally and internationally. We are committed to providing our students with experiences which extend beyond local and national boundaries. Therefore, the College maintains agreements, international partnerships and strong links with numerous universities abroad, where its students may transfer to continue their undergraduate studies or pursue postgraduate studies (master and doctoral degrees).


These agreements are on a credit/year for credit/year basis. Specifically, our students may study for 2 years at our College and 1 in the United Kingdom or 3 years at our College and 1 in the United States and obtain a British or American Bachelor Degree. The agreements we maintain ensure the shortest time and the lowest cost in obtaining a British or American university degree.


Below you may find a list of universities with which we maintain an agreement or which have accepted our students for undergraduate or postgraduate studies:


 British Universities













American and Canadian Universities







Berkeley College - Wikipedia  



Australian Universities




European Universities




Professional Bodies

American College maintains strong bonds with reputable professional bodies accross Cyprus. It is important for our academic staff to participate in exhibitions organized by the industry, so they can keep contact with professionals and learn new trends. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to participate in Culinary contests, improve theirs skills, receive awards and boost their resume.


Private Sector

American College keeps strong connections with leading companies, so our graduates can have better career opportunities. The following companies have participated in several Career Days, professional Seminars or express their interest to hire some AC students during the last years:






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