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Recommended Course Sequence - Bachelor



Recommended Course Sequence

Year One

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ENG101 English Communication (6)

HOT101 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (6)

MGT101 Principles of Management (6)

TOU110 Introduction to Tourism (6)

General Education Elective (6)

ACC101 Financial Accounting (6)

CSC102 Computer Applications (6)

ENG102 English Writing (6)

TOU104 Tourism Geography (6)

General Education Elective (6)

Year Two

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ENG201 Advanced English (6)

FRE101 French Language (6)/ FRE201

HOT301 Hospitality Marketing (6)

TOU101 Ticketing & Computerized Reservations (6)/ TOU102

TOU105 Travel Operations Management (6)

ACC201 Financial Accounting II (6)

FRE101/ FRE201 French Language II (6)

MTH102 Statistics (6)

TOU101/ TOU102 Ticketing & Computerized Reservations II (6)

TOU205 Tourism Planning and Development (6)

Year Three

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Free Elective

HOT401 Hospitality Human Resource Management (6)

MAR205 Public Relations (6)

MGT302 Organizational Behavior (6)

TOU201 Special Interest Tourism (6)

ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics (6)

Free Elective

MAR204 Consumer Behavior (6)

TOU304 Cruise Services and Management (6)

TOU402 Sustainable Tourism (6)

Year Four

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ECO201 Principles of Macroeconomics (6)

Free Elective

HOT402 Managing Quality Hospitality Services (6)

MGT404 Business Ethics (6)

TOU400 Tourism Research (6)

Free Elective

General Education Elective

LAW101 Business Law (6)

MGT403 Business Policy and Strategic Management (6)

TOU305 Event Management (6)


General Education Electives are the following:


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

HST101 European History (6)

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (6)

SOC101 Principles of Sociology (6)

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy (6)

POL101 Political Studies (6)

GRE201 Modern Greek II (6)

GRE101 Modern Greek (6)

HST102 History of Cyprus (6)




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