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When the time comes to apply for a new job, your resume can become the ticket that will give you the first step   to the interview. But how can we ensure that it doesn't end up in the trash bin?

Writing a successful resume can be difficult if you are not experienced. Book a Consultant and an for the best results. Following is a list of websites and companies that you can apply for.


1. Look for keywords in the job postings

2. Review resume examples for your industry

3. Use a professional font

4. Include only the most relevant information and put the most important information first

5. Use active language

6. Call attention to important achievements

7. Only include subheadings and sections you need

8. Choose appropriate margins

9. Proofread and edit

10. Decide whether you need a unique resume for different jobs




Interview Tips




1. Research the industry and company.

2. Clarify your "selling points" and the reasons you want the job.

3. Anticipate the interviewer's concerns and reservations.

4. Prepare for common interview questions.

5. Line up your questions for the interviewer.

6. Practice, practice, practice.

7. Score a success in the first five minutes.

8. Get on the same side as the interviewer.

9. Be assertive and take responsibility for the interview.

10. Be ready to handle illegal and inappropriate questions.

11. Make your selling points clear.

12. Think positive.

13. Close on a positive note.

14. Bring a copy of your resume to every interview.

15. Don't worry about sounding "canned".

16. Make the most of the "Tell me about yourself" question.

17. Speak the right body language.

18. Be ready for "behavior-based" interviews".

19. Send thank-you notes.

20. Don't give up!




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