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Academic and Personal Counselling



Academic counselling plays an important part in a student’s academic performance. Because of this the College assigns an advisor to each student. A student can contact his/her advisor for assistance on academic and personal matters.


Academic Issues


Students who are unsure of their educational goals, or who are in need of academic advice, can turn to their advisor for constructive help. Every semester/session student advisors help students select appropriate courses and plan their class schedules.



Personal Issues


The College experience creates many opportunities for challenges and growth. At times, students may have some difficulty coping with these changes and feel stressed, lonely, depressed or overwhelmed. Such difficulties may vary, both in nature and degree, but whatever their source it is likely that they will undermine a student’s ability to study or manage life effectively. Student advisors provide sympathetic support and informed advice, helping students to develop independence, discover their own resources and find their way through their difficulties.



Career Issues


Consultants offer feedback and ideas on how student's resume should become, so you can be more competitive. In addition, consultants can assist students about what speciazation they should follow according to their skills and personality.












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