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Bachelor in Human Resource Management


Students enrolled in this program earn a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management. The program seeks to prepare students for leadership roles in profit and non-profit organizations and for post-baccalaureate studies in business.





The aims and objectives of the program are:


  • To provide students with a foundation in Business in general, and in Human Resource Management in particular.
  • To provide a thorough study in Human Resource Management, for students who want careers in the Human Resource Management professions.
  • To center attention directly on the skills and knowledge required by the profession of Human Resource Management and to help students acquire knowledge and develop skills in a systematic way.
  • To provide students with the problem-solving skills and tools needed to begin careers enjoying opportunities for advancement to leadership positions either in business in general or in Human Resource Management in particular.
  • To equip graduates with a solid academic, technical, and intellectual background that will enable them to continue their education in high-quality graduate and professional schools.






Upon successful completion of this program of study, its graduates will:


  1. Demonstrate superior knowledge of core functions and common practices of Human Resource Management in modern organizations and to apply these in crafting strategies that will allow organizations to achieve both operational and strategic goals related to an organization’s human resources.
  2. Deploy appropriate HRM metrics and other analytics, to make well-versed decisions that augment the effectiveness of the recruitment, training, development, and retention of human resources and align the HRM strategy with the overall organizational mission and strategy.
  3. Propose arbitration or negotiation strategies that lead to positive, legal and ethical outcomes and demonstrate conscientious and professional reflection of perceived points of conflict; differences in values, beliefs, and cultures; or deviation of goals.
  4. Assess opportunities to improve and sustain organizational performance through strategic thinking and management, the development of human capital, and the allocation of physical and financial resources.
  5. Propose methodical, systematic and sustainable solutions to multifaceted business problems related to human resources and human resources needs and issues, by applying critical-thinking and analytical skills.






Credit Requirements


The program requires a minimum of 240 ECTS credits as follows:








General Education Requirements



Business Core Requirements



Major Requirements



Free Electives










General Education Requirements                


ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics (6)

ECO201 Principles of Macroeconomics (6)

ENG101 English Communication (6)

ENG201 Advanced English (6)

GRE101 Modern Greek (6)

HST101 European History (6)

HST102 History of Cyprus (6)

MTH101 Mathematics (6)

MTH102 Statistics (6)

MTH201 Finite Mathematics (6)

MTH204 Statistics II (6)

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy (6)

POL101 Political Studies (6)

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (6)

SOC101 Principles of Sociology (6)


Business Core Requirements          


ACC101 Financial Accounting (6)

ACC401 Managerial and Cost Accounting (6)

CSC101 Introduction to Computing (6)

CSC102 Computer Applications (6)

CSC203 Management Information Systems (6)

ECO301 International Economics (6)

FIN101 Principles of Financial Management (6)

LAW101 Business Law (6)

MAR101 Principles of Marketing (6)

MGT101 Principles of Management (6)

MGT201 Production and Operational Management (6)

MGT302 Organizational Behavior (6)

MGT401 International Business (6)

MGT403 Business Policy and Strategic Management (6)


Major Requirements                                        


MGT205 Safety and Health in the Work Environment (6)

MGT305 Managing Change (6)

MGT306 Human Resource Staffing (6)

MGT307 Human Resource Training & Development (6)

MGT308 Performance Management (6)

MGT309 Compensation Management (6)

MGT310 Labor Relations (6)

MGT313 Managing Diversity (Cultural Differences) (6)

MGT402 Human Resource Management (6)


6 credits from the following:


MGT203 Management Theory and Practice (6)

MGT303 Management Science (6)

MGT404 Business Ethics (6)


Free Electives


The student is free to take any course offered by the College.


The number of teaching hours (TH) for each course is 3 except when otherwise stated.