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Computerized Accounting



Students enrolled in this program earn a Diploma in Computerized Accounting. The program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and theories of book-keeping and book-keeping related law and to train them on how to use popular computerized accounting and payroll software applications.


The aims and objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide students with an in-depth understanding of the principles, policies and theories of book-keeping, taxation, cost accounting and book-keeping related law (company and labor law).
  2. To establish a broad understanding of popular software applications necessary for a computerized accounting officer such as Sage 50, Payroll Pro, Excel, Word, Internet browser and others.
  3. To provide students with the problem-solving skills and tools needed to begin their career and to enable them to advance in the business and accounting field.


Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:


  1. To record accounting entries.
  2. To open any account and link it to the VAT and Balance Sheet documents within the framework of insurance, labor and corporate law.
  3. To seek, analyze and compile data and information, using the necessary technologies.
  4. To know the purpose and usefulness of ERP (Accounting Information Systems) in supporting an organization's financial management.
  5. To develop skills to use an ERP.
  6. To exercise the operational experience of modern accounting that is applied by the accounting departments of the organizations.
  7. To analyze the accounts of an Accounting Plan through the use of accounting software.
  8. To update and print accounting books and data.
  9. To prepare and print financial statements.
  10. To acquire a comprehensive and global view of Accounting Principles as well as accounting policies and theories, deepening the theoretical training and practical application of accounting through specific software.




Credit Requirements


The program requires a minimum of 120 ECTS credits as follows:







General Education Requirements



Major Requirements



Free Electives







General Education Requirements


ENG101 English Communication (6)

ENG102 English Writing (6)

ENG201 Advanced English (6)


Major Requirements                                          


ACC112 Accounting I (12)

ACC203 Accounting II (12)

ACC204 Computerized Book-Keeping (12)

ACC205 Book-Keeping Applications (18)

ACC206 Taxation (6)

ACC208 Managerial Accounting I (6)

CSC124 Computer Applications (6)

CSC125 Spreadsheets (6)

LAW102 Company and Labor Law (6)

MTH105 Financial Mathematics (6)


Free Electives


The student is free to take any course offered by the College.

The number of credits each course is carrying is indicated in the parenthesis following
the course title.


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