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College Facilities


The American College Library is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment of the College. The Library aims at maintaining an adequate, quality collection, comprised of curricular and co-curricular material and to meet the educational needs of students as well as the professional needs of the College’s faculty and administration staff. In addition, the Library aims at satisfying a ... Read more

The European Library

The European Library Read more

InfoTrac / Search Bank

InfoTrac / Search Bank Read more

Computer Center

Equipped with the latest in hardware and software, the College Computer Center, among a few of its kind in Cyprus, aims to support the needs of the teaching, research and administrative functions of the College. The Center’s goal is to deliver dependable, high quality integrated technology facilities and services in support of our students, faculty and administration staff. The achievement of ... Read more

Kitchen and Restaurant Facilities

The College has fully professional kitchen and restaurant facilities which are used for practical cooking and serving sessions. Classes held in these facilities give students the opportunity to train in real life situations. Students learn all the practical areas of food production and service such as kitchen layout and design, menu planning, ordering/receiving, purchasing, storage, sanitation, ... Read more


A large and comfortable cafeteria is available and open during college hours. Equipped with all the necessary kitchen facilities, it serves soft drinks and snacks to students and staff. In addition, the cafeteria is used by students for recreational activities during their free time. This includes playing various games such as pool, table tennis, chess, backgammon, electronic and other games. The ... Read more

Gymnastic Center

Gymnastic Center (Fitness One) is equipped with a number of electronic and manual universal fitness machines, spacious lockers and separate changing rooms and shower facilities for male and female students. The Center employs professional trainers who can offer advice and supervise weight loss, toning, muscle building, physiotherapy and conditioning. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”; That ... Read more

Other Facilities

Classrooms Teaching takes place in modern and properly equipped classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with an overhead projector, air conditioning units for cool and warm air and whiteboards. Some classrooms are equipped with a video projector. Faculty Offices All faculty offices are fully furnished and are equipped with networked computers providing access to the internet and ... Read more

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